How CFOs and Finance Managers can benefit from vastly streamlined financial processes

Silverfin offers a framework to make your job much easier, with far less of your efforts now required on packages like Email or Excel. You can easily and effortlessly reconcile your monthly accounts, improve your internal communications and reporting on financial processes, which is always linked to data at source in realtime.



Centralise all your financial information in one place. Lock down and tighten your security network by avoiding communication tools like email. Use @mentions to reach out to internal and external colleagues or stakeholders who can address issues at source.


Build bespoke reports for all designated stakeholders. Enjoy realtime reporting thanks to information being linked to data at source. No more chopping and changing of charts and excel spreadsheets. Share reports, budgets, forecasts and everything else with shareholders and stakeholders in realtime, freeing up your time to concentrate of delivering real business insights.