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Getting started

Accounting is a universal language, but each country and even each accountancy firm has their own way of working. That's why you can implement your own processes or build on top of the standards we have in Silverfin.There are several ways to start developing on Silverfin.

Getting started with the API

Getting started with the API

Silverfin has an open API, simply waiting for you to connect it with other data. Why not establish a live link with a custom CRM, synchronise files with your DMS or automatically push data from your VAT filings?

Getting started with templates

Getting started with templates

Templates in Silverfin are like forms-on-steroids. They automate account reconciliation, legal documents, information gathering… the number of specific templates you can build is only limited by your imagination.


When you’re developing on the Silverfin platform, you can always get help from fellow Silverfin developers through the online community. On that platform, it’s easy to get answers about using the API, or getting to know the Silverfin templating language. The Silverfin Community is a vibrant get-together of enthusiastic makers. People gather there to discuss specific processes, templates or integrations they are building in Silverfin, and are equally happy to ask for help as to give advice. Because building the future of accounting, is something we’re doing together.



Silverfin has strategic business relationships with leading players in the financial technology space to help scale and accelerate the adoption of cloud technology, artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis in financial advisory firms.

Through these partnerships, new business models are developed as we combine powers to extend reach, share know-how and develop new ways for accountants to help their clients better.

We’re looking to partner with companies that wish to develop an alternative for the often outdated software for accountancy firms. When you become a SIlverfin partner, we will actively promote you, and our extensive client base and large amount of data in the system makes Silverfin a good choice as a partner.

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