In 2013, Joris, an accountant frustrated by cumbersome and outdated applications like Excel, joined forces with Tim, a developer obsessed with user experience, and Silverfin was founded. Since then, Silverfin has developed into an award winning platform serving more than 85,000 companies.

Founding team


Tim Vandecasteele

Silverfin co-founder

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  • I fell in love with Ruby on Rails years ago because it's a programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. That's exactly what I want to achieve with Silverfin: build a platform that makes accountants and their clients more productive in an elegant and intuitive fashion.

    Working on various software projects at Philips and Vasco Data Security has taught me the importance of working with a team of great developers, and I'm happy to say that at Silverfin we've managed to bring together a bunch of extremely dedicated software engineers who go out of their way to fully understand our customer's needs and translate those needs into scalable features.

    Being at the helm of Silverfin together with Joris is productive as we complement each other. He brings his knowledge of accounting and his unmistaken commercial flair, I contribute my analytical frame of mind and my dedication to simple, beautifully efficient software.


    Joris Van Der Gucht

    Silverfin co-founder

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  • Working as an accountant for SME’s used to be a love/hate thing for me. I loved the job, analysing the numbers, seeing the bigger picture, helping clients with business advice that helped them grow.

    However many of the processes were a bit of a nightmare. Trying to keep track of incoming data from multiple accounting software suites, as well as emails, letters, documents, spreadsheets...the mountain kept growing. Putting together presentations, chopping and changing charts, cutting and pasting Word docs...inevitably errors crept in and bottlenecks grew.

    Then I partnered with Tim and we revolutionised a completely new approach, connecting accountants directly with their clients’ data. We wanted to simplify and modernise the processes with user friendly dashboards, customised templates, secure communication tools that promote collaboration across all devices and ultimately create a platform that works intuitively with accountants and auditors to make their job easier and to make work more transparent and accountable for their clients.


    Investors team

    Jan Hammer
    General Partner Index Ventures
    Jurgen Ingels
    Partner SmartFin Capital / Founder Clear2Pay
    Louis Jonckheere & Pieterjan Bouten
    Co-founders Showpad
    Index Ventures
    Private Equity and Venture Capital Firm

    We’re proud to be making an impact on the world of financial services, backed up by our award nominations and wins.


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